Spicy Spotlight and GIVEAWAY!: Benny T’s Vesta

Last month, H and I attended the second annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo, where we had the time of our lives sampling incredible, small batch crafted hot sauces in every flavor imaginable and meeting tons of great people.  We also purchased and brought home dozens of bottles of those sauces, and I immediately got to work coming up with fun uses and recipes for some of our acquisitions.

Since the Expo, I have been spotlighting some of these products and my uses for them on the blog.   No one is paying me for this; I am only sharing because I have truly fallen in love with each and every one of these sauces and the incredible depth of flavor that they have added to my food.

For this final week of the series, I present a very special Spicy Spotlight (complete with a giveaway!): Benny T’s Vesta!

Vesta is produced in Raleigh, NC and is best described as a “dry hot sauce.”  There are three levels available:  Hot, Very Hot, and Ghost.  I am the proud owner of Very Hot, which is, as you might surmise, very hot.

These hot sauces are no joke! I tried the Ghost at the Expo, and though I was able to appreciate its amazing flavor despite the pain, I am happy with my ultimate decision to buy the Very Hot  🙂

A month removed from the Expo, I can safely say that this is my favorite product from the event.  I have used it every single day, multiple times a day, since then (except for the 8 days of Passover because it contains breadcrumbs and Passover is terrible).  In addition to adding heat to food, Vesta imparts a unique rich, savory, sort of smoky flavor that I absolutely love.  A little goes a long way too, which I feel makes it an excellent value.

In my opinion, and speaking now from a month of experience, Vesta improves everything.  Seriously, everything.

You can put it on guacamole:
Spicy Spotlight 006Or pizza:
April 003

Or curry:Spicy Spotlight 004On a sandwich:Spicy Spotlight 018Or on hummus (shown here with falafel bites from Whole Foods):Vesta 002Or sprinkle it on pasta, over roasted veggies, into soup…you get the idea.

H and I are both crazy about this stuff.  We bought one bottle at the Expo, and I immediately put it in my purse for easy access at all time.  But it soon became apparent that we needed another bottle because H quickly got tired of having to go rummaging through my purse every time he wanted some (which was frequently!).

I really can’t recommend this highly enough to anyone who likes their food to have a little heat and a whole lot of flavor.

Because Vesta was my favorite thing from the Expo (which is saying a lot, as I tried [and loved!] many, many things), and because this is the last week of Spicy Spotlight, I would like to offer one of you a chance to possess a bottle of your very own!
NOTE TO GF READERS: The dry hot sauces are not gluten-free–sorry!

To enter: simply leave me a comment telling me which Vesta variety you would like to have, and what you are most looking forward to trying it on!  I will randomly select a winner by 11:59:59 pm EST on May 7, 2014.

Good luck!

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9 thoughts on “Spicy Spotlight and GIVEAWAY!: Benny T’s Vesta

  1. These Vesta Hot Sauces look absolutely amazing! My boyfriend in particular would love this stuff more than anything since he is constantly putting various types of hot sauce on his food. If I had to pick one I’d go with the Hot so that both my boyfriend and myself could enjoy it! I would definitely sprinkle it on pasta, hummus, and pizza! Thanks for sharing this product!

  2. I bring a bottle of hot sauce with me to the dinner table for almost every meal. It goes so well with almost anything! However, I’ve never tried dry hot sauce. Very intriguing! I think I’d choose the hot variety, since I had a bad run-in with a habanero based sauce once (Dave’s Insanity) and that’s what’s in the very hot. Anyway, what a fun giveaway!

  3. I would love to try the Ghost!! I love spicy food and this would be great to have!! I can see putting it on most everything!! Chicken roasted vegetables, ribs, guacamole, cauliflower rice, scrambled eggs and anything else that I feel needs a little extra kick!!

  4. I would love to try the Ghost variety on my tacos al pastor I make, because I think the mix of pineapple with the pork and Benny T’s will be the perfect combination to satisfy my never ending quest for the perfect combination of sweet and spicy.

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  7. The Hot variety is probably more up my alley. As much as I love spice, I didn’t grow up with it and can only handle so much! This would be great sprinkled on some vegan mac and cheese, lentil tacos, nachos… 🙂

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