Vegan Eating in Greater Boston

Listed below are a number of vegan and vegan-friendly establishments in and around Boston, Massachusetts.  This list is non-exhaustive and contains only places I have actually visited and for which I will personally vouch.

This page will be continuously updated as I visit more places and write more review posts, so check back often!  For more information on vegetarian options in Boston and beyond, check out (my personal go-to travel resource).

Peace o’ Pie (Allston)
**UPDATE Feb. 2013: It is with great sadness that I report the closing of my beloved Peace o’ Pie.  Read my tribute post here.**

My Thai Vegan Cafe (Chinatown)
-Creative menu with very convincing meat analogues.  Great lunch specials too!

Grasshopper (Allston)
-All vegan, Asian-style restuarant.

FoMu (Allston)
-An all-vegan ice cream parlor!  Coconut-based ice creams in an astonishing number of flavors, produced locally in Watertown.  The Salted Caramel is a must-try. They also have a few nut-based options (made from an incredibly rich almond and cashew blend), as well as soy-based softserve vanilla and chocolate.

True Bistro (Somerville)
-This is the place to go if you want upscale vegan dining in the Boston area!
Veg Spots 005
Cornmeal-crusted oyster mushrooms with horseradish-dill aioli at True Bistro

Veggie Galaxy (Cambridge)
-An all-vegetarian, authentic diner where everything on the menu can be made vegan.  All desserts are vegan (and heavenly!!).

Ritu Ki Rasoi (Burlington)
-An all-vegetarian eatery serving some of the most authentic Indian food I have sampled anywhere (including NYC).  Vegan options abound in their terrific buffet, great dosas, and excellent chaat and a la carte menu.  Talk about your diamond in the rough; this gem is located in some sort of warehouse facility tucked back off of Route 3A.  Totally worth a trip.
Veg Spots 010
Aloo curry and Dal at Ritu Ki Rasoi

Walnut Grille (Newton Highlands)
-A brand-new, all-vegetarian restaurant in Newton.  Every menu item (with very few exceptions) can be made vegan and a large portion can be made gluten-free.  They also serve beer and wine and have their own parking lot (key!).  Check out my review here.

Red Lentil (Watertown)
-An exciting variety of menu options and excellent quality.  See examples in this post from April 2011.  I also hear great things about their brunch but have yet to experience it for myself.

Life Alive (Cambridge, Lowell, Salem)
-The menu of this quirky cafe is filled with wholesome, nourishing bowls, wraps, and salads.  Many raw items are available too.  Some items contain cheese, eggs are available as add-ins, and many smoothies contain honey. However, this is a very good option for vegans looking for a place to relax with a good, clean bowl of real food.

Clover food truck (several locations)
-All vegetarian; most items can be made vegan

Omni Places That Are Kind to Vegans
Flour Bakery (various locations in Boston and Cambridge)
-A delightful cafe and bakery serving delicious soups, salads, and sandwiches with some solid vegetarian and vegan options.  The bread is unbelievably fresh and delicious.
Veg Spots 009Hummus sandwich at Flour (hummus is made in-house)

Bon Me food truck (various locations)
-Omni truck that does vegan Vietnamese food right…their soba noodle salad with shiitake mushrooms and tofu is one of my favorite things to eat in the entire world.  Staff is extremely knowledgeable and accommodating.

Momogoose food truck (various locations)
-Omni truck offering vegan options of most menu items.  Delicious Chinese, Korean, and Thai style food.

Can you tell I enjoy food trucks?

Addis Red Sea (Boston and Cambridge)
Incredible, authentic Ethiopian food.   They have a large vegetarian section on the menu, which clearly states that all vegetarian items are also vegan.  Score!

Eat at Jumbo’s (Somerville)
An omni wings and pizza type joint that also serves “tofu tenders” (i.e., a meat-free version of boneless wings), as well as vegan pizzas, a vegan cheesesteak, and apparently now in the wake of Peace o’ Pie’s closing they are also doing vegan calzones.  Vegan desserts are also available, some homemade, some packaged (like Alternative Baking Co. cookies!).
Eat at Jumbos photo HalloweenandEarlyNovember005.jpg
Tofu Tenders from Eat at Jumbo’s

D’Guru (Boston)
-Pretty decent omni Indian catering and take-out.  I love that they provide (and clearly label!) a number of vegan options.

Spike’s Junkyard Dogs (Allston, Boston, and other locations)
-All items on the hot dog menu can be made with veggie dogs.  And they are REALLY good.  My favorites are the German Shepherd and the namesake Junkyard Dog.  Photos in this post.

Boston Beer Works (multiple locations; I have been to the Fenway, Canal Street, Hingham, Lowell, and Salem restaurants)
-A quick glance at the BBW menu probably wouldn’t inspire most vegans.  However, H and I go to Beer Works at least once a month because we are both owners of this nifty VIP card that gives the holder $10 off his or her bill once a month (and twice in their birthday month!).  As if that weren’t awesome enough, I can always find something great to eat here–their salads are terrific, as is their pizza crust (making cheese totally unnecessary).  For a super-amazing treat, try the fiery fries.
BBW, El Paso Chicken Salad, without chicken
The El Paso Chicken Salad (hold the chicken!) at Boston Beer Works

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