Love That Dirty Water

Hello!  While it is Monday and I am back to my crazy grind, I had a wonderful weekend and wanted to do a quick post to recap one of the highlights–last night’s excursion to see Red Sox vs. Yankees at Fenway park!  And the Sox won!  2 and 7 baby–woo!

H and I were super-excited to get to Fenway on the weekend of the Sox’ home opener.  We decided to save a little cash by doing a ballpark-style dinner from the comfort (not to mention veg-friendliness) of our own home beforehand.  I am so proud of what I came up with! 

Using Lightlife’s Smart Dogs, I did a classic “ballpark dog” with ketchup and mustard as well as a spicy chili dog, which was topped with Amy’s black bean chili, chopped jalapenos, and chopped caramelized onions.  H had the same thing but with Stupid Dogs regular beef hot dogs.

Beautiful, right?

Then we headed to the ball game.

Green Monster!

Pedroia the destroya–definitely MVP of the game, imo

Papelbon running out to Shippin Up to Boston–my favorite moment of any game in which he closes

H  and me, wearing many layers but also big smiles!

All in all, a fantastic evening of ballpark fun–I finally feel like spring is here!

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