Giveaway Winner! And Watermelon

Ugh, sorry it took me more than half the day to announce the giveaway winner.  Wordpress and my computer were in a fight, and I was stuck in the middle trying to make peace.  Can’t we all just get along??

Anyway, without further ado, the winner of a bottle of Benny T’s Vesta is Em!  Em wrote:
I’d love to try the very hot. I put hot peppers or hot sauce on EVERYTHING. It doesn’t taste right until it burns 🙂 

AMEN.  Congratulations to Em and thanks to everyone that entered!

In the meantime, I am super-jazzed about the watermelon I just bought.  My arm aches from carrying it around the store (it’s a whopper!) but it will be so worth it when I bite into that juicy summery goodness this evening.

I don’t have a pic of mine because it’s waiting for me in the car but here is what a watermelon looks like in case the horrid winter has eradicated all of your wonderful warm memories:
 photo watermelon_zpse9fd8540.jpg
I love you.

What’s your favorite summertime fruit?

Vegan MoFo Red Week – Lunch Break


Happy Friday friends!

In honor of my red MoFo week, lunch today was rosemary roasted red bliss potatoes with sriracha ketchup.  And cauliflower, but that’s not red.

AshPhone 717

With beautiful watermelon for dessert!

AshPhone 719

It is not too late in the season for watermelon people!  Dad and I bought this one yesterday and it is unbelievably sweet and delicious.  Get your last tastes of summer while you can!

I’m hoping to get one more red post in before starting up with beautiful orange foods (my personal favorites) next week.

Have a great weekend!