This Sweet Tooth Is Real

These days it seems that Baby H’s main interest, besides somersaulting, is sweet treats.  According to the Old Wives’ Tale, this apparently means I’m having a girl.  Of course, the latest poll of 16 of our nearest and dearest, collected at my baby shower on Saturday, reveals that only 4 (including H and me) think we are having a girl.  We’ll find out for sure in about 10 weeks!
 photo shower1_zpsd9d9357d.jpg
That belly don’t lie…

In the meantime, I’m trying to moderate how much I’m actually taking in, but also make sure I enjoy the indulgence whenever I do decide to treat us!

And fortunately, I’ve had access to some of the best vegan sweet treats in existence.

A couple weeks ago, H and I took a quick trip to NYC.  We both knew that we wanted to visit the Cinnamon Snail food truck while we were there, so on Saturday morning, we checked their facebook page and learned that they would be at the monthly Vegan Shop-Up in Bushwick that day.

Some of you may already know this, but the Cinnamon Snail is very close to my heart.   Before he started the food truck, I used to visit Chef Adam’s booth each week at the Red Bank Farmer’s Market, about 3 miles down the road from the town I grew up in, to sample some of his vegan donuts, raw pizzas, and other incredible vegan fare.  His astonishing success has been hard-earned, and honestly, is extremely well-deserved.

The Cinnamon Snail is, quite simply, amazing.  They have all kinds of food but their baked goods are especially outstanding.  When H and I visited the truck a few weeks ago, we stocked up!
 photo NYCTrip006_zps6c8a197b.jpg
Double-Chocolate Fudge donut (this is H’s all-time favorite!)

 photo NYCTrip004_zps851fb256.jpg
Thai Basil Coconut donut (an incredible flavor combo if there ever was one)

 photo NYCTrip011_zps5290052d.jpg
Pistachio donut (with tantalizing hints of cardamom)

 photo NYCTrip005_zps640e6e12.jpg
Gluten-free Peanut Butter blondie (great texture and not overly-sweet)

 photo NYCTrip010_zpsab1f122b.jpg
And my absolute favorite…the Vanilla Creme Brulee donut

 photo NYCTrip013_zpsf6c87341.jpg
You guys…seriously. This thing was soaked in gooey caramel and had the most delicious, crunchy, sugary crust.  I was in heaven eating it.

This past Sunday, my sister Marley and I headed down to the annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival.  Initially I didn’t plan on going inside, because it’s usually crowded to the point of not being able to move, and that is something I’m not comfortable with in my present condition.  However, we got there right when it opened up so I managed to make one good round and pick up some coupons and samples.  And then I got in line for Vegan Treats.

Vegan Treats is based out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and is the highlight of the VegFest for me every year.  Their peanut butter bombs are one of the best and most decadent things I have ever tasted, vegan or not.
image (1)
It’s basically a layer of dense chocolate cake, topped with fluffy peanut butter mousse, and then the whole thing is covered in a chocolate shell and a peanut butter drizzle.  Ah-maz-ing.

I got two (the third was for Marley, I swear!).
Oct. Misc 020
I also snagged a black and white donut, a white chocolate key lime cheesecake for my parents, and a pumpkin cheesecake on a stick (!) <–it’s the candy corn looking thingy in the middle–so cool, right?!

Then we went outside to patronize the fabulous Like No Udder vegan ice cream truck!  I still get giddy when I think about the fact that something like this exists!
Oct. Misc 017
Baby H and I settled on the Oreo milkshake. It was sweet and creamy, with lots of delicious cookie chunks, and totally hit the spot!

Marley, who has developed a bit of a sensitivity to soy, went inside to grab some coconut-based ice cream from FoMu.
Oct. Misc 014 (2)
She got a cup of apple cider donut ice cream.  Yes, you read that right…vegan apple cider donut chunks esconced in creamy, cinnamony ice cream.  I tried some and it was effing amazing.

So there you have it.  All the vegan sweets fit to eat!

Fortunately, my other cravings at the moment are broccoli and black beans 🙂

Fall Baking Bonanza

Ahhh, you guys, I love October!! Not only is it the month of my anniversary 🙂 but in my opinion it’s also the quintessential autumn month.  It’s not too cold yet, but each day it becomes increasingly clear that summer is definitely over.

Like everyone else, this time of year I gravitate toward cozy food and drink.  And, of course, baked goods!  There is nothing better than warm, spicy-sweet aromas drifting through your house.  Nothing.

The craving for in-season produce like squash, pumpkin, etc. comes pretty naturally to me, but being a blogger adds serious fuel to the fire, as I spend a portion of each day ogling photos of all the delicious things that my virtual friends are concocting all over the world.  I read and bookmark away, and then later decide what I’m going to actually make by factoring in time, ingredients I already have, etc.

So even though I’ve been doing this for the past several weeks (and let’s face it, years), this week the baking bug finally bit me hard enough that I just dove right into it.  Check out some of the results!

Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts with Pumpkin Pecan Glaze, by Morgan of Fo Reals Life (click for recipe)

Donuts 004

This was my first-ever attempt at making donuts and it definitely will not be my last.  I actually saw this recipe, died, then came back to life and immediately went to A.C. Moore to buy a donut pan.  SO worth it.  These were delicious, light, cakey, not too super-sweet, and the toasted pecans add wonderful texture and flavor.  If you don’t have a donut pan, get one (mine cost 6 bucks).   But if you can’t wait to make these until you get one, they also can be made into muffins/cupcakes, like so:

Donuts 006

Just add about 3 minutes to the baking time.  (Also, please forgive my dirty countertops.  I probably should have taken 30 seconds to clean up after baking and before taking pictures but I was just too excited about stuffing my face to bother.)

Donuts 002

Donuts 003

And I don’t think I even need to tell you how good these smelled during and after baking.  Yum!!

Next I made Pumpkin Waffles with Maple Cashew Cream by Sarah of The Sweet Life blog (click for recipe).

Waffle beauty 1

I have to admit this was also my first time making waffles (I KNOW).  H and I got a waffle maker as a wedding gift two years ago but I never took a stab at making anything on it until this week.  And, lest you think that every kitchen experiment I undertake turns out well, be advised that my first three waffles were an utter disaster.  See:

Waffle Mess

Now, I’m going to have to pin this one on the manufacturer for providing absolutely NO instruction whatsoever about the quantity of batter to be placed on the iron at any given time.  They just wouldn’t hold together when I opened up the maker. Rather than be deterred, however, I adjusted the amount of batter and employed varying amounts of cooking spray (on the supposedly non-stick iron, I might add) until I managed to produce a few of these:

Waffle Success

Once I had figured out how to actually make normal waffles, I really enjoyed them!  The waffles were soft, lightly sweet and not-too-pumpkiny, and surprisingly filling.  This was a really fun and delicious fall breakfast for H and me.

And worry not! I didn’t throw out the ugly waffles.  No, I made “waffle ball sundaes” out of them by warming them up and then topping them with leftover maple cashew cream AND leftover pumpkin glaze from the donuts, plus toasted pecans.  BOOM.  That’s how we come full circle.

I may have gained 10 lbs. this week.

But I’m not done yet.

The next thing I am dying to try, but just haven’t yet had the time to, is this Oatmeal Pumpkin Loaf by Kathy of Happy. Healthy. Life. (click for recipe).

I’m just posting about it in case anyone isn’t aware that this exists and wants to get a jump on making it.  That’s all.

Happy, happy Fall!