Beating the Chill

Hello and happy Monday!  I am returning from a surprise 3-day weekend, after Friday turned into a full-blown snow day.

Muffins 001

The snow accumulation actually ended up being a lot less than predicted, and  it ended up being a very relaxing and productive weekend, despite the frigid temperatures.

Muffins 020

On Thursday night, as promised, I cooked up a warming meal of Creamy Tomato Thyme Soup and Toasty Pumpkin Chickpea Fritters.

Muffins 019

I loved both recipes.  H also enjoyed the soup very much, and it is super-cheap and easy to make, so we’ll definitely be having that one again.  It reminds me of the canned Campbell’s tomato soup I used to eat but with [I’m guessing] about 1000x’s less sugar.

As for the fritters, I went with the baked version so they’re not really fritters, more like patties 🙂   But they were tasty and perfect dipped into the soup.  Over the weekend I actually ate the leftover ones cold with a dollop of hummus and that was delightful too.

For whatever reason, the cold weather makes me want to bake.  Something about the sweet aromas drifting through the house is very warming!  So on Friday, since I didn’t have to work, I got busy making this recipe for Cranberry Orange Muffins from Fried Dandelions.

Muffins 005

These gorgeous muffins are SO moist (thanks to the coconut oil) with a smooth and decadent, but not overly sweet, flavor.  The best part is the bursts of cranberry in each bite.  I love them and I’m so excited to have them for breakfast all week long!

Muffins 009

I think these muffins were partially an extension of my current hankering for all things orange.

Muffins 013

They’re one of the only fruits I eat in the wintertime and I’ve just been enjoying the hell out of them recently!

Anyway, I spent the remainder of the weekend in sweats watching football, with a warm blanket and a purring cat on my lap:
Muffins 021

It sure was a perfect way to beat the chill!

How was your weekend?  Any crazy temperatures to report?