Great Green Glob of Garden Goodness

Sorry that my “I’ll post tomorrow” became “I’ll post a week later”…it’s been a crazy week!  I am trying to get myself organized to move up to Boston next weekend, plus my parents and sister were away for a few days so I was the woman of the house–I spent tons of time cleaning, taking care of Farley and Bailey, and cooking up a storm!  I will have to do a separate update with all of that good stuff 🙂  Alot of it involved the use of our garden jewels, so you see, it all ties together!

The stars of our garden this summer are definitely the cucumbers, but the tomatoes which are now proliferating will soon give them a run for their money!  Here are some pics of our beautiful cucumbers:

Dad cutting from the vine (look how big the leaves are!!)

A beauty

A basket of goodness

These cucumbers are delicious!  We’ve actually found that the smaller ones are yummier because the bigger ones have alot more seed density.  But yesterday I made a fantastic snack out of one of these; I just sliced it up and tossed the slices with a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, oregano, and salt.  Soooooo good!

On to the tomatoes!  We have a few different varieties and have already had a bunch of ripe ones, but right now most of the crop is green, and I have a feeling within a few weeks we are going to be inundated all at once…but I’m not complaining!

A lovely cluster on the vine, almost ready for picking

A beefsteak, which still has some growing to do…it’s going to be huge!

We also have been feasting on our Swiss chard!  Our favorite way to prepare it is sauteed with a drop of olive oil and some roasted garlic.  Oh, I just love it and can’t get enough of it!  Here is Dad snipping some for one dinner last week:


And lastly, or should I say, soon to come, is our squash.  The leaves are gigantic and we have lots of flowering going on (see picture below) but the plants have yet to produce any fruit, so we shall see!

The garden makes me so happy! 🙂