Essential Components of a Simply Perfect Breakfast

For my final breakfast-related post this MoFo, I want to give you sort of a best-of overview of what, in my view, makes a breakfast Simply Perfect.

1) It’s portable.
This is a must for me. I typically do not like to eat breakfast when I first wake up (unless it’s Avocado Toast!), or even in the first hour or two after waking, so I usually prepare it at home and bring it with me to work.
 photo SPBreakfast002_zps461afe58.jpg

2) It’s quick and ridiculously simple to prepare.
See above.  I do not have time in between waking up and getting out the door for work to do anything more than maybe wash some fruit and toast some bread.  It’s gotta be quick.

3) It’s light, filling, and reasonably healthy.
This is pretty self-explanatory. I’d much rather start my day with some naturally sweet fruit and whole wheat toast with PB than with an “energy” bar that doesn’t taste all that great, is loaded with added and artificial sweeteners, and will leave me hungry an hour later.
Happy Meals 009

4) There’s some versatility to the ingredients.
My breakfast staples (i.e., things I always always always have in my house) are commonly available items that are extremely versatile. These include: bananas, peanut butter, jelly/jam/preserves, rolled oats, some other kind of fresh fruit (right now I have clementines, apples, watermelon, and red grapes), a variety of frozen fruit (right now I’ve got bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and watermelon), and some kind of bread product (I *always* have whole wheat bread and whole wheat English muffins, and sometimes I mix in lavash or gluten-free options like corn tortillas or GF frozen waffles).

All of these things can be used in multiple ways to avoid too much repetition. Not to keep pushing the PB&J&B, but look at how many uses I have for it: burrito, quesadilla, and roll-up, not to mention a good old fashioned sandwich between two pieces of bread (duh) or simply stirred into cooked oatmeal. These are all similar but *just* different enough that I don’t get bored.
 photo Assembly005_zpsd8f0d353.jpg

5) It’s cost-effective.
Let’s face it, between grocery shopping, work lunches, and getting takeout or going out to dinner (even if only occasionally), most of us spend A LOT of money on food each week. I know some people love a big, hearty breakfast and will go out to eat or get takeout at breakfast time, but I’m not one of them.   To me, breakfast should be the cheapest, simplest meal of the day.

The breakfast ideas I’ve shared with you this week are all things that can be made mostly with inexpensive pantry staples. Aside from avocados (which I only buy when they’re on sale for $1 or less*) and non-dairy yogurt (which I only buy when it’s $3.99 or less* for the large container), everything else (bananas and other fruit [both fresh and frozen], nut butter, bread) is something I always have and only need to replenish once every 7-14 days for our household of 2. This proves to be very cost-effective over time.
 photo dc8dd939-fd81-4bdc-9b92-2db9796b9ec6_zpsf008f304.jpg

So there you have it: a winning formula for a Simply Perfect breakfast!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend! I’ll see you Monday to kick off a week of Simply Perfect snacks!

*Keep in mind when I refer to food prices that I live in the greater Boston area, where the cost of living is quite high.

Simply Perfect Breakfasts: Don’t Forget the Fruit!


Is there anything that embodies the concept of “Simply Perfect” better than sweet, luscious fruit?
 photo Grapes002_zps42a82c32.jpg

As vegans, surely we are well-aware of its virtues!

Tasty, portable, and healthy (not to mention pretty!), fruit is an ideal breakfast or snack even when you’re crazy busy. While certain types (like berries or any pre-cut fruit) are more perishable and require access to refrigeration, so many others are fine at room temperature, making it possible to keep them in your purse or on your desk at all times for easy access (think apples, bananas, grapes, clementines, or oranges).
 photo SPBreakfast012_zps253f1d12.jpg
P.S. – How cute are these?

I try to incorporate fruit into my breakfast every day, whether in its plain, whole form:
 photo OddsandEnds021_zps0c8c6e98.jpg

Or mixed up with something else, such as PB&J, oatmeal, or non-dairy yogurt (coconut is my favorite).
 photo SPBreakfast001_zps175c7057.jpg

Look how portable!
 photo SPBreakfast002_zps461afe58.jpg
This was me packed up for a day at work, with two containers of breakfast (one with fresh pineapple and the other with strawberries and yogurt), as well as one big old container of salad for lunch.

And of course there is the omnipresent smoothie:
Happy Meals 019
All you need is a blender and a trusty to-go cup, and you’re all set with this one. Smoothies are very forgiving and so you can really make one from whatever concoction of fruity fun is frolicking in your fridge or freezer.

In any form, fruit makes a super-simple breakfast and will set a good, healthy tone for your day. So don’t overlook it when searching for ways to save time in your morning!

Simply Perfect Breakfast: Avocado Toast


Being pregnant has definitely affected my eating habits. For example, I’m not really one to eat breakfast first thing in the morning. I normally start with a some fruit or a smoothie around 10 a.m., well after I’ve arrived at work, and then follow it with more fruit or half a PB&J&B around 11:30.

Recently, however, I’ve been forced to get some food down first thing in the morning, as that’s when I take my prenatal vitamin, and I get really nauseated if I have it on an empty stomach.

Enter avocado toast, my new favorite breakfast, and also anytime snack.
 photo SPBreakfast003_zps47608162.jpg
I’m never NOT in the mood for this.

All you need to create this plate of perfection is a ripe avocado and a piece or two of whole wheat toast.
 photo MayFood5009_zps4f0d6984.jpg

I use one quarter of an avocado on each slice of toast; I find this to be a good ratio of fruit to bread, plus it’s economical because avocados are expensive, and this way you get four servings of toast out of each one.

Just scoop it out, spread it on, and season as desired. Cumin tastes great on this, but the combo I can’t get enough of is salt, pepper, and a sprinkle of Vesta:
MMM creamy, spicy heaven!

If you’ve never tried avocado toast, now is the time. Bonus points if your toast has team spirit:
 photo SPFruitandSides008_zpsecdec240.jpg