Breakfast of Champions

It’s been a while since I’ve done a breakfast post, so here goes.  Because my schedule this semester is so hectic and my days start much earlier, I’ve been trying out some new things in the morning.  For a few months I’d been doing the fruit-only breakfast thing a la Skinny Bitch, but I found it wasn’t working for me; it was causing me to eat more throughout the day, and since I’m trying to lose weight right now, that was obviously not a good thing. 

Last week for a quick fix I tried the French Toast recipe from Happy Herbivore’s sneak-peek cookbook.  

Here is a slice getting ready to be drizzled in maple syrup (my fave!) and gobbled up:

This was really yummy but very sweet and probably too caloric for my current needs.  I’ll save it for a future weekend breakfast treat.

I also tried out the Raw Coconut Pancakes that were posted on Vegan on Stage last week. 

Here is one decorated with banana and shredded coconut, and packed up to go to school with me:

These are delightful and felt good to eat.  However…my recipe made 7 of these and when I calculated the nutrition info, they came out to over 400 kcal each.  😦  I froze the remaining ones and plan to eat them on all-raw days or on days when I’ve exercised particularly hard.  Unfortunately I can’t eat them for a normal brekkie right now because they are filling but not filling enough to keep me from going over my calorie limit.

I know I don’t usually do product reviews on here, but I had to share this particular gem.  I’ve been making Ancient Harvest Quinoa Flakes alot of mornings and I absolutely love them.  Here’s a bowl fresh out of the microwave (and before add-ins):

A 1/3 c. of dry flakes makes this big bowl of goodness, to which I add 1 T. of maple syrup, 2 T. of dried blueberries, a generous sprinkling of cinnamon, and a dash or two of nutmeg.  All of that comes out to about 210 kcal per bowl.  This is a really great and satisfying hot cereal which keeps me full for a while and helps set a tone of NOT over-eating for the day (which imho is what breakfast is for!).  So yay for these 🙂

Be back soon with some potato-based fun!