Purdy Pancakes

Since I’ve only just started this blog and have therefore accumulated a handful of food photos wanting posts, I’ve decided the best way to do this will be to cluster them for the time being.  Hereafter I’ll be posting things as I cook them but bear with me 🙂

Polenta Pancakes from Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan by Dreena Burton

I’ve made these babies twice and on both occasions they were very much enjoyed.  The first time my sister and I ate them as “sandwiches” with banana slices and maple syrup, and the second time I served them to Dad and E with strawberries and blueberries, along with the sliced bananas and syrup.  I love how they’re just slightly sweet.  They remind me a little bit of matzah meal pancakes (weird, I know).  Really, really simple and quick and something I will definitely be making alot of when I start law school…

Banana (Walnut) Pancakes (this is Jenna’s banana walnut waffle recipe modified, at her suggestion, to a pancake recipe by adding slightly more soy milk)

I have made these again and again, always playing with the ingredients.  These are never-failingly delicious! Here are Banana Blueberry Pancakes (nixed the walnuts on this one occasion):


Warm Raspberry Sauce from Eat, Drink, & Be Vegan

This one is made with strawberries and served with plain banana pancakes (Jenna’s recipe):

This sauce was AMAZING. I made these for my dad for Father’s Day breakfast and they definitely made it feel like a special occasion. I used the leftover sauce as jam for the rest of the week. I have lots of plans for this one, including making a pineapple variety to put over banana coconut pancakes…..