Lunch Break: Oil-free Baked Marinated Tofu

Super-excited about lunch today, which is a simple baked tofu sandwich on Ezekial bread, with avocado and romaine lettuce.

Pantry 006I found this recipe for Simple Tofu Marinade on the Healthy Bitch Daily blog yesterday, and was excited to see that it uses no oil.  Even though I know it is possible to bake/roast things without oil, for some reason I have this fear of doing so, like I think they’ll burn or dry out.  That fear has been [temporarily] eased.

This tofu is incredibly delicious.  I did a whole block last night–pressed it, cut it into 8 slabs, then cut 2 of those slabs into little cubes.   Now I have 3 sandwiches’ worth plus enough little cubes for a salad or two.  Super-easy and healthy recipe, and highly recommended!

What is your favorite tofu marinade?