Vegan MoFo Red Week – Lunch Break


Happy Friday friends!

In honor of my red MoFo week, lunch today was rosemary roasted red bliss potatoes with sriracha ketchup.  And cauliflower, but that’s not red.

AshPhone 717

With beautiful watermelon for dessert!

AshPhone 719

It is not too late in the season for watermelon people!  Dad and I bought this one yesterday and it is unbelievably sweet and delicious.  Get your last tastes of summer while you can!

I’m hoping to get one more red post in before starting up with beautiful orange foods (my personal favorites) next week.

Have a great weekend!

Not Today, My Good Man, I’m Feeling Saus-y

Yesterday around 2:30, for no reason in particular, I was craving french fries.  The first thing I thought of was the Clover truck and their heavenly rosemary fries.  I hoofed it over to Government Center (knowing that the truck there closes at 3) but alas, the fryers were already off for the day.  Luckily, my salvation lay just across the street, at a little shop called Saus

The Restaurant
Saus is a Belgian-style pommes frites shop, wisely situated in between some of the most famous bars of Boston’s Faneuil Hall neighborhood, and open late.  This type of restaurant is nothing new to me, being a long-time patron of the fabulous, if boringly-named, Pommes Frites of New York City’s Second Avenue (between 7th and St. Marks).  However, Saus is relatively new to Boston, and, as I discovered, many people are not yet aware of it.  So here’s the deal: you order a cone of greasy, salty, thick-cut fries, and choose one or more dipping sauces to accompany it.  In Belgium, as well as at Saus, the sauces are often mayonnaise-based; however, vegan options abound in the form of curry ketchup, truffle ketchup, balsamic ketchup, etc.  The fries at Saus are vegan (I contacted them to check)–they are fried in “a vegetable oil blend,” which includes soybean and safflower oil.

The Order
Petite Frites with Green Monster sauce (jalapenos, habaneros, fresh cilantro, and garlic)

I enjoy Saus very occasionally and usually in the company of others.  Honestly, even the small size is too much for one person as far as the fries go.  They are extremely tasty but also extremely greasy and I always feel slightly nauseated after ingesting them.  In other words, they’re made for sharing.  Regardless, my craving was satisfied by the cone I purchased yesterday, and I think I convinced at least two other people (one who sampled a fry and another who just smelled them) to go and try Saus.

And…I am probably going to go to the Clover truck today to get rosemary fries anyway.  Wedding diet who?