Simply Perfect Snacks: Veggie Dipping Delight with 2-Ingredient “Honey” Mustard

This week for Vegan MoFo I will be sharing some of my favorite easy, fool-proof vegan snacks and sides!

Let’s start off with the greatest (and simplest) snack of them all–duh, raw vegetables!
 photo Rainbow4_zps9a147113.jpg
With texture, flavor, and nutritional benefits galore, vegetables are the perfect food. But even for vegans, plain raw vegetables can get boring after a while.

This is where a solid dip will save you!

Nothing makes eating veggies more fun than having something to dip them in. You can get crazy with your food processor to whip up some jazzy hummus (like this one or this one) or an Asian-inspired peanut sauce (this one is my all-time favorite), or you could embrace the simple perfection of a super-quick, 2 ingredient “Honey” Mustard sauce.
 photo SPSidesandDinner005_zps345a736a.jpg

To make: Add 2 tablespoons of dijon mustard to a small dish, and stir in 1-2 teaspoons of agave nectar until well-combined.  (You can also stir in a dash of fresh ground black or cayenne pepper if you’d like, and add more agave if you like it a bit sweeter.)

That’s it! Simple, zesty, sweet perfection!
 photo SPSidesandDinner004_zps7578d206.jpg

P.S. – It also tastes awesome with chips, for those rare occasions when raw vegetables aren’t satisfying your snack craving 😉
 photo SPSidesandDinner006_zpsd524399e.jpg
Pictured: Kettle Brand Maple Bacon chips–yes, they’re vegan!!