It’s Cookie Time!

Super-quick post because I am running out to go to dinner at H’s aunt’s house. I have a ton of great stuff to share in the coming days, but no time right now to put together a detailed post, so I’ll save it for later this weekend.  For now, I wanted to put up pictures of the cookies I am bringing tonight (I hate to show up anywhere empty-handed!).

They are the Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies from Eat, Drink, & Be Vegan by Dreena Burton.

Here they are fresh out of the oven, on my reusable parchment paper (which I adore!)

I singled this one out as the most attractive of the bunch, and he got his own photo-shoot.

Then I ate one, because, ya know…I need to make sure it’s good before feeding it to other people.

…it was.

This recipe is completely fail-proof, quick, and easy.  And DELICIOUS!  I honestly wonder how anyone could think you need a ton of butter and eggs to make cookies after trying these.  A great starter recipe for those times when you’re trying to convince omnivores that vegan food is good. Which for me is all of the time.

Back soon with a special edition Food Truck post!!!

Not Much to Look At

I know I said this in my last post, but being fully vegan again feels so awesome.  Blogging semi-regularly again has also felt really good!   Although I haven’t been cooking up full-blown recipes as much as I did in the past when I started the blog, I have been experimenting with packing creative lunches as well as trying new restaurants and grab-and-go products.  In addition, despite what it may seem, I have been photo-documenting all of this.  I just haven’t gotten a chance to upload the pictures into my Photobucket yet.  I promise to get on it in the next few days! 

In the meantime, I have only one semi-interesting picture to share:

These are Dreena Burton’s Peanut Better Cookies (I think from Vive Le Vegan), which I topped with chocolate pieces as a treat for the lovely H, who adores a good peanut butter and chocolate combo to no end.  In fact, for his birthday two weeks ago, I made this same recipe with chocolate chips folded in and ZOMG they were one of the best batches of cookies I’ve ever made.  In fact, I think I ate more of them than H did (happy birthday!!! …sorry).

As you can probably surmise, this recipe is awesome blossom.  I’ve made it at least a dozen times and it never gets old.  The biggest problem with these is that, particularly if you choose to add chocolate to the recipe, they are freakin irrestistable.  No but actually;  I can eat like 5-14 of them in one sitting when they are warm out of the oven.  Consider yourselves warned.