I Finally Grow Up and Try Root. Also, Togetherness.

First, the food.

Yesterday I grew up and went to eat at Root in Allston for the first time since they opened in the space that used to belong to Peace o’ Pie (RIP).  Well, to be more accurate…I did try the Root Burger (made with black bean and quinoa) from their table at the Vegetarian Food Festival in October…

Root 001

…but this was the first time I have been able to bring myself to visit them at their restaurant.  I got the Cauliflower Po’ Boy with greens (instead of their herbed fries, which was hard to do):

Root 002

It was A LOT of food, and it was good and filling, but I thought the cauliflower needed significantly more seasoning.  Like, the actual florets should be seasoned before frying, and the breading needs more seasoning too (Creole seasoning or Old Bay would particularly rock).  But once I put the thing together as a sandwich and I was able to get bites with the remoulade, there was some good flavor.

As for the restaurant, I have to say, the space looks beautiful.   I love that they have a water dispenser and Mason jars by the counter and that they provide real (washable) silverware and compost all food waste and napkins.  And the food is good.  It’s not great, but it’s good.  They get bonus points for using Iggy’s bread, which is locally made and awesome.  Bottom line: it’s a vegan place, and I will go again.  [It doesn’t mean I don’t still miss Peace o’ Pie though!]

So now that I’m all grown up, here’s how I’m promoting togetherness!

Tina over at Carrots ‘N’ Cake recently blogged about how she and her husband are planning to do 24 Days of Togetherness, which she describes as a “holiday bucket list.”  H and I have decided to follow suit and over the weekend we came up with our own list of activities we can do together each day leading up to Christmas.


So far, we’ve checked off:
1) A full Sunday of football accompanied by junk food
2) Work out together to counteract some of the junk food
3) Watch Biggest Loser and temporarily swear off junk food

Decently boring so far, but it will get better as the month marches on, with activities like “work out in red and green” and “drink hot cider” and “decorate the tree” and “wear a Santa hat while watching Jeopardy”…and, of course, “reenact the Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree dance from Home Alone.” home alone12 mj

Mostly I’m just glad we’re doing something like this.  It feels like each and every day this month is going to be swallowed up by time we’ve already committed to family and friends.  So, as silly and corny as it may be, I like that we’ll be setting aside a few minutes a day to just appreciate each other amidst the chaos and constant motion that will otherwise characterize the next 3 weeks.  I love our family and friends; I also think it’s good to remember that the two of us (four if you count the felines!) are our own little family now, and take some time to enjoy that.

Thanks to Tina for the idea, and if anyone else is doing this list or one like it, do let me know in the comments!  At the holidays I am more of a sucker than usual for cute, heart-warming couple-y things. 🙂