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I love good vegan reading material, especially magazines.  I mean really, I keep all of my old VegNews issues in chronological order on a special shelf!  It sounds pretty dorky, but whether it’s articles on important issues like animal rights and environmental issues or lighter topics such as great vegan restaurants, I always come away feeling inspired and newly enthusiastic about veganism.

I was excited recently to learn of a new, digital vegan magazine called Vegan Life, which is based in the UK (and if you live in the UK, it is available in print too!).  With two issues currently under its belt, and the third set to be published December 23rd (tomorrow!!), this magazine is creating some serious buzz.  Their tagline is “Bringing Vegan into Vogue” and it’s not hard to understand why,  with each issue containing over 100 pages of articles ranging from raising vegan children to managing health conditions with a vegan diet to celebrating cruelty-free holidays.

For instance, check out the Table of Contents from the first issue (September/October 2014):
image (6)
image (7)

Unsurprisingly, my attention so far has been most captivated by the food.  Oh, the food!   The September/October 2014 issue has a five-day cleanse that I cannot WAIT to do after Baby H arrives.  And I want to make these Mean Bean Taco Cups (from the November/December issue) immediately if not sooner:
image (8)

I download and read the magazine right on my phone (a tablet would probably be better due to screen size, but sadly I don’t have one).  The photography is vibrant and gorgeous and the content is really substantive, covering a wide array of issues important to vegans and others who are interested in an ethical lifestyle.  I’d definitely recommend it.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free subscription to Vegan Life magazine for review purposes.  I was not compensated in any other way for this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own.  And as always, I do not agree to publish reviews unless I feel confident that it’s something you guys will actually love!

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