Simply Perfect Breakfasts: Don’t Forget the Fruit!


Is there anything that embodies the concept of “Simply Perfect” better than sweet, luscious fruit?
 photo Grapes002_zps42a82c32.jpg

As vegans, surely we are well-aware of its virtues!

Tasty, portable, and healthy (not to mention pretty!), fruit is an ideal breakfast or snack even when you’re crazy busy. While certain types (like berries or any pre-cut fruit) are more perishable and require access to refrigeration, so many others are fine at room temperature, making it possible to keep them in your purse or on your desk at all times for easy access (think apples, bananas, grapes, clementines, or oranges).
 photo SPBreakfast012_zps253f1d12.jpg
P.S. – How cute are these?

I try to incorporate fruit into my breakfast every day, whether in its plain, whole form:
 photo OddsandEnds021_zps0c8c6e98.jpg

Or mixed up with something else, such as PB&J, oatmeal, or non-dairy yogurt (coconut is my favorite).
 photo SPBreakfast001_zps175c7057.jpg

Look how portable!
 photo SPBreakfast002_zps461afe58.jpg
This was me packed up for a day at work, with two containers of breakfast (one with fresh pineapple and the other with strawberries and yogurt), as well as one big old container of salad for lunch.

And of course there is the omnipresent smoothie:
Happy Meals 019
All you need is a blender and a trusty to-go cup, and you’re all set with this one. Smoothies are very forgiving and so you can really make one from whatever concoction of fruity fun is frolicking in your fridge or freezer.

In any form, fruit makes a super-simple breakfast and will set a good, healthy tone for your day. So don’t overlook it when searching for ways to save time in your morning!

One thought on “Simply Perfect Breakfasts: Don’t Forget the Fruit!

  1. Hurrah for fruit! I actually wasn’t buying a ton of fresh fruit until Darrol Henry started eating real meals. It’s so expensive, but I can’t resist the joy he gets from eating sliced kiwi or navigating a whole peach. It’s so nice to have fruit in the house again!

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