Berry Lemonade Smoothie

Thirsty?  This ultra-refreshing, sweet, summery smoothie is just what the doctor ordered.

In honor of the 5th Virtual Vegan Linky Potluck, I present one of my new favorites: a Berry Lemonade Smoothie.

 photo Smoothies004_zps1a64a44c.jpg

Serves 1

1 cup lemonade (I used Newman’s Own diet lemonade)
Generous squeeze of fresh lemon juice
3/4 cup frozen strawberries
1 cup fresh blueberries (can also use frozen)
5 fresh mint leaves
Agave nectar or other natural sweetener to taste

Blend first 5 ingredients together until smooth.  Taste and add sweetener if necessary (it may be tart depending on the lemonade you use and the sweetness of your fruit).

 photo Smoothies003_zpsa4f92be5.jpg

Drink up and enjoy!!!


11 thoughts on “Berry Lemonade Smoothie

  1. Hi, I make lemonade without adding any lemonade drink product (Newman’s Own). Simple adding 3 whole peeled lemons, water/ice, and Stevia to your liking. That’s it. I have added berries, bananas and ginger to change flavors. Yummy!

    • That sounds great!! Yeah I just happened to have some storebought lemonade laying around so that’s what I used, but your version sounds awesome!

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