Lunch Break: Cheapskate Salad Bar

Ever since my juice cleanse a few weeks back, I’ve been on a huge salad kick at lunch.  This has coincided nicely with my recent discovery of Market Basket, a supermarket (with a location near my work) that sells produce at ridiculous rock-bottom prices.

The cost of living in the greater Boston area is generally astronomical, so I truly appreciate any breaks I can get, especially on items I buy often.   So, because the lowest price I can find for tofu in any other store in a 15-20 mile radius is $1.99/package, I now refuse to buy it anywhere other than Market Basket, who sells it for $.99.  Where other stores will proudly boast when their broccoli crowns are “on sale” for $1.99/lb., Market Basket’s normal price is $.99/lb.  They even have a large organic section, where items like red bell peppers go for $4.99/lb., which is really low when you consider that the only other store where I can even find organic peppers for sale (Whole Foods) has them at $6.99/lb., sometimes more.

The point is that I now find myself with a glut of produce in the refrigerator at any given time.  Salad-making can’t be far behind!

This morning, however, I initially found myself at a loss when I realized that, despite having a fridge full of yummy salad ingredients, I was in fact out of salad greens!  But then I came up with a brilliant idea (if I do say so myself):  I will pack my own salad add-ins and dressing, and then at lunch I’ll just buy greens (which weigh next to nothing) from the salad bar!

Salad Bar 003
Strawberries (a gift from my mother-in-law!), avocado, baby beets, cucumber, and red bell pepper

As planned, at lunch time I hopped over to the supermarket that shares an office park with my work (not a Market Basket, sadly) and grabbed up a giant container of greens for a grand total of $.80.
Salad Bar 005

Put it all together and whaddya got? *ding-dong*clap-clap*stomp-stomp*hooootttt dog*
Salad Bar 006
SALAD!  And a satisfying one at that.  I haven’t even finished eating yet but man am I full.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, happy, healthy weekend!

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