Christmas vs. Humbug

Hello hello!  I hope everyone had a marvelous holiday and/or day off, and that you’re gearing up for a fun weekend as well.  And if you’re just rolling through a whole week off, more power to you!

As I explained earlier in the week, H and I observed Christmas last weekend with his family.  So for the actual holiday, we decided to keep it low key.

My plan was to take a half day on Tuesday to do some baking, cleaning, and last-minute gift wrapping, and then go out to dinner with H.   This plan was quickly foiled, however, when my car broke down in a random parking lot.  This set me back about four hours and, as you might imagine, several hundred dollars.  No baking, cleaning, or gift wrapping took place.  So Humbug: 1; Christmas: 0.

But I did end up having a wonderful evening with my husband at our favorite local Chinese restaurant.  Christmas cheer restored!  Humbug: 1; Christmas: 1.


On Wednesday, H and I did presents first thing!  One of my faves:
Picture 007
Exactly what I wanted–my hubby listens!

Humbug: 1; Christmas: 2.  Things are looking up!

I then had a quick breakfast of tofu bacon on whole wheat toast before going to mass with H.

Picture 008
So tasty! Never gets old.

After mass, I broke out one of my other new Christmas gifts, Just Dance 2014 for the Wii!!

…and promptly threw out my back.  Humbug: 2.

To be fair, I’m not sure I actually hurt my back by playing the game.  It was more that, while playing the game, I suddenly noticed that my back was broken hurting.  And then it just kept on hurting.

We went over to H’s parents’ house, where we spent the entire afternoon and evening with family members and exchanged Kris Kringle gifts with the cousins.  And Christmas dinner, made once again by my lovely mother-in-law, was delicious (albeit enjoyed through a haze of Advil):

Picture 009

Fusilli with homemade marinara and roasted zucchini and mushrooms, plus salad

Christmas FTW!!!  

Yeah, kind of a predictable ending 🙂

Epilogue: my back still hurts, but I have my car again, and I get to see my family and give them their gifts this weekend, so I can’t complain!

What are your weekend plans? Any more Christmas celebrations or are you all done? 

6 thoughts on “Christmas vs. Humbug

  1. It sounds like you didn’t let the humbugs get you down, and that’s what counts. Sorry about the car and back, and that they both ganged up on you at Christmas, but food and family to the rescue! Happy Holidays!

    • Thanks, Andrea, same to you! The back is better now and the car is fixed, and what remains after that is the memory of good times with family! That’s what I try to keep in mind when it feels like the universe is mad at me.

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