Vegan MoFo “Other” Week – Lunch Break


I was recently introduced to the Greek dish Skordalia, a white puree made of garlic and potatoes.  It is served cold and goes perfectly with warm pita bread.


My lunch of this delicious dip comes from Kouzina Estiatorio in Dedham, Massachusetts.  Most people visiting this blog have probably never been to (or probably even heard of) Dedham, but if you’ve ever driven north on I-95 on your way to Boston then you’ve at least driven through!  There is a courthouse in the town that I work out of occasionally, and Kouzina Estiatorio is right down the street, so I always make a point to stop in.

I don’t know about you, but I love patronizing a small restaurant where the employees/owners actually seem to give a damn about their business and their customers.  The people who work at Kouzina are always smiling and seem to truly love what they do.   If you ever do find yourself in Dedham, I highly recommend it. 🙂

Enjoy this last September weekend!

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