Vegan MoFo is here!


I am so excited to finally be participating in this most epic of vegan food blogging events! The Vegan Month of Food is a great opportunity to share the love of delicious vegan food all across the interwebs.  The goal for is for each blogger to post at least 20 times throughout the month of September.  Anyone who has ever looked at my blog knows that I am happy to post 20 times a year.  So it’s a lofty goal but one I’m ready to tackle!

Most MoFo bloggers have a theme and I have chosen to do a rainbow/colors theme.  This means that each week I will focus on a different food color group. I am skipping green, though, since like a good vegan pretty much everything I eat is green or contains green.  So I guess you could say that my posts will be about food that is green PLUS whatever the color of the week is!

So, it’s week one and I will be enjoying lots and lots of delicious RED foods!  You can expect to see recipes (from other blogs, cookbooks, and some original creations), products, and restaurant meals starring foods such as:


Salad Smoothie 014

Red bell peppers…


…you get the idea!  Sometimes I might just focus on a particular food and its incredible beauty and versatility.  I’m keeping my theme loose in an attempt to keep my enthusiasm for Vegan MoFo high and my writer’s block low.

I hope you will enjoy the posts and check out some of the other bloggers who are embracing this challenge by subscribing to the Vegan MoFo RSS Feed!  Details are on the website (linked at the top).

15 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo is here!

  1. I like your Rainbow Theme! Funny (and true) story: Two years ago in my son’s preschool class they did an “Eat the Rainbow” snack day and I was psyched–I assumed they’d be eating fresh fruits and veggies, what a great idea! But, you know what they gave them? “Fruit Snacks.” Yup. Gummy candy 🙂 Oh well!

    See you around the ‘Fo!

    • Thank you!

      I actually bought the tomatoes at an unstaffed organic farmstand on Cape Cod. Apparently the honor system still exists!

  2. I don’t have a theme, except it seasonal and recipes. Its my first time participating in Vegan MoFo, so excited about discovering some new blogs. Love the red post, looking to the others and the recipes.

    • I am always looking for seasonal recipes! Looking forward to reading your posts this month–good luck from a fellow first-timer!

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