One-Track Mind

I’m so hungry right now and I can’t figure what to eat, because all I can think about is this:

 photo WeddingsandSeptShower086.jpg
I miss you.

Enter Day 7 of Passover 2013.  Because really, if I have to look at another potato, I might vom.

In exactly 25 hours and 57 minutes, I will be stuffing my face with Bertucci’s rolls, or perhaps some cheeseless pizza from Boston Beer Works:

 photo IMG_3315.jpg
With olives, mushrooms, garlic, and red onions. I die.

[Speaking of Beer Works, I followed some co-workers in there last Thursday and was forced to be the person drinking wine at a place called Boston Beer Works.  The sacrilege! ]

OOH! Maybe I will get this tomorrow:
 photo Pasta_zpsaa4a2991.jpg
Veggie Fra Diavolo from Sabatino’s in Brighton, complete with a big fat hunk of warm ciabatta (this is one of my favorite things in the entire world to eat, btw)

25 hours and 38 minutes…

2 thoughts on “One-Track Mind

    • Haha nope, just green olives that time! Peace o Pie used to put raw jalapenos on pizza sometimes though, never bothered me 🙂

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