Something horrible just happened.

After a half hour of perusing the outrageously beautiful Olives for Dinner blog, and after coming across at least three recipes that use Butler Soy Curls, I realized that I have never actually had these, nor have I ever noticed them for sale.  So my first step was to Google the product, visit the Butler Foods website all happy-go-lucky, and click on the link for “Where to Buy.”

And wouldn’t you know, there is only one place in the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts where you can purchase Soy Curls.  And that place is was Peace O’ Pie.

I am not really exaggerating when I say that a little part of me died when Peace O’ Pie closed a few weeks ago. And I think I’m justified in feeling that the memory of my favorite vegan eatery deserves a post of its own.

When I lived in Brighton, I visited PoP multiple times per month, despite my tight student budget.  The delicious comfort food and opportunity to support an entirely vegan business was worth it.  Particularly when I was studying for the bar exam, PoP was a godsend, even more so on Sundays when I would go in and just completely load up on their brunch buffet. Some examples:

 photo MayFood5012.jpg
Mac and cheese, french toast, tofu scramble, and a veggie-potato hash

Vegan Brunch photo BarFood1001.jpg
Tempeh & broccoli mac, curry and black bean tofu scramble, roasted red and sweet potatoes, and sauteed rainbow chard (told you I would load up)

Click through for even more brunch food porn.

After moving out of the city, I was not able to go as frequently, but whenever I could I would willingly put in a couple of hours of  MBTA hell to travel out to my favorite corner of Allston (recently commemorated in PPK’s Top 100 of 2012, thank you very much!) and pick up a couple of slices and a sandwich for later.

On Sundays between April and August, H and I play in a co-ed softball league, and our team’s post-game hangout spot is a bar in Allston called The Draft, which is just a block or two away from Peace O’ Pie’s former location.  So during the season, while my team chowed down on chicken wings, I was able to walk down the street and pick up my own “wings” (tofu bites), some pizza, or a sandwich, then walk back and rejoin my team.
 photo 517.jpg
Buffalo Tofu Bites with Garlic Aioli

The Draft, being an incredibly awesome establishment, never cared that I brought my own food in, and most weekends the employees would eagerly look forward to seeing what kind of delicious vegan concoction I would show up with.  The most memorable time was in Summer 2010 when I came with slices of mac n’ cheez pizza (made with mac left over from brunch, no doubt).  I thought our waitress’s eyes were going to pop out of her head!
 photo MayFood5002.jpg

Peace O’ Pie’s closing is really a terrible loss for the vegan community in Boston and beyond.  And so, now that I am super-depressed, how about I post the 8767856 pictures that I have stockpiled over the years depicting their incredibly tasty, creative, and lovingly-made food.  Enjoy, and if you can, raise a glass to Peace O’ Pie, and to all of the beloved veg places in your life–don’t ever take them for granted!

 photo IMG_3212.jpg
Tofu Parm

Buffalo Chik'n photo Blog002.jpg
Buffalo Chik’n Pie

BBQ Chik'n Whole photo Blog005.jpg
BBQ Chik’n Pie

 photo MayFood5011.jpg
Cinnamon Roll (holy hell I will miss these)

Cheesy breadsticks photo IMG_3200.jpg
Cheesy Bread (better than anything you ever got from Domino’s)

 photo IMG_3214.jpg
An amazing Slice of the Day with Tofu Ricotta, Kalamata Olives, and Sundried Tomatoes

 photo MayFood3004.jpg
Take-out box for slices

Peace O Pie photo BarFood1003.jpg
Slices of the Day. The one on the left was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted–-roasted garlic oil, Daiya mozzarella, and artichokes. Amazing.

Cheesy Bread and Tofu Bites photo IMG_0471.jpg
ULTIMATE PIG-OUT: cheesy bread and tofu bites!

 photo BarFood1046.jpg
A slice of leftover “Hawaiian” that I ate with sauteed spinach

 photo BarFood1064.jpg
Closeup of a huge chunk of tempeh bacon on a slice…I think there was leftover black bean tofu scramble on this slice too. Incredible.

 photo 560.jpg
A Slice of the Day incorporating a two-cheese blend, roasted potato wedges, and jalapenos

Now I need a cookie.

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