No Go

I am so exhausted from all this bar business.  It is 8:30 on a Wednesday night and H is watching the Stanley Cup final (I like Boston sports but could care less about the Bruins…I mean, I hope they win but it really won’t affect my day tomorrow if they don’t), while I am fighting with all my might to not go to bed until it’s at least dark outside.  Just. So. Tired.

I had several delicious things to write about, but then Photobucket decided not to work so now I can’t post pictures.  No one wants to read a food blog that doesn’t have pictures.  And I guess I could just go to another photo hosting site right now and create an account and upload my photos so that I could post, but who am I kidding, I’m way too tired for that.  So tired that I can’t even be pissed off about my blogging plans being stymied.  I’m just bummed out.  Sad and mad.  And tired.

Fingers are crossed that I can post tomorrow.

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