Going to the Dogs

Please forgive my absence; the last week and half was chock-full with my family in town for my graduation from law school, a weekend on Cape Cod with them and with H’s family, and then with the beginning of my bar review course today.

Bar review: the reason my summer is over before it even started.  For the next eight weeks, I will be spending about twelve hours a day doing nothing but enduring, to quote my friend K, “the most boring kind of hell imaginable.”  The downsides are numerous and obvious, but there are upsides too.  One of them is that I’ll actually have a real, predictable schedule for the first time in three years.  While stress-filled and tedious, it will allow me to fit in time to work out as well as to cook and eat great meals.  So, though I won’t be able to blog as often as I have done in the last couple of months, I will be posting.  In other words, I’m not going on hiatus, just blogging a little less until the bar is over.

After that, it’s time to plan a shotgun October wedding.  But that’s a story for another time… 🙂

The title of my post refers to some of the stuff I ate this past weekend while I was celebrating graduation, and not caring particularly about my waistline.

Thursday night, my brother J was in town, and H and I took him to one of our favorite bars to have a beer and play Big Buck Safari (not a very vegan game, I guess…but fun, and no real animals get hurt!).  After that, we headed down the block to Spike’s Junkyard Dogs for some late-night eats.  Oh, Spike’s.  What can I say?  It is a greasy spot that serves every kind of crap imaginable on top of a hot dog.  BUT…they do veggie dogs! Which makes me extremely happy!!!

This is what I got on Thursday:

The one on the right is their classic “Junkyard Dog”: mustard, tomato, pickle, hot pepper rings, and chopped scallions.  I can’t recall the name of the one on the left, and it’s not on their regular menu, but as you can see, it had mustard, BBQ sauce, and a pickle on it.   Delicious.  The options for vegan toppings at Spike’s are way more limited than the ones they have for omnivores, but it’s still a great spot to go with a mixed crowd (or even all vegetarians!) because they actually care enough to include options for non-meat eaters.  Thumbs up, Spike’s.

My second helping of veggie dogs occurred unexpectedly on Sunday.  H and I were out on the Cape, and we drove to the beach where we got engaged last August to show it to my parents.  After that, my parents left to head back to New Jersey, while H and I headed back into town.  We took a scenic route, hoping to find a spot to grab some lunch.  Along Route 28 in Dennisport, I suddenly spotted this sign from the car:

H said, “We’re going there!”

“There” ended up being a restaurant called Corinne’s Place.

Cute little restaurant all decorated with old-fashioned gas station memorabilia.  It sounds weird, I know, but I think the place used to be a gas station back in the day so it was actually very charming.  And, like Spike’s, they serve vegan hot dogs!!! Here is what I got:

One of them was just a veggie dog with veggie chili on top (their chili and baked beans are vegetarian!) and the other had onions, red relish, BBQ sauce, and sauerkraut, and I added a little bit of green relish after taking the picture.  DELICIOUS!  A little different from the texture I’m used to (i.e., Smart Dogs or Spike’s), but really good.  I’m definitely going back to this place.  There is not much in the way of vegan fare on the Cape, so I want to support a business that is branching out!

3 thoughts on “Going to the Dogs

  1. Those veggie dogs look so good. I LOVE Spike’s veggie dogs – I used to eat them all the time in high school. Yums. We’ll make it through BarBri together, I promise!

  2. I know you can’t post pictures of my dogs on this site, but I will say that they were delicious – both of these places are great for mixed-diet couples!

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