The Crave

Anyone else remember this guy?
“Me want Honeycomb!!!” 

Well, today I have the Crave.  Not for Honeycomb, but for food from the Clover truck


Guess what though?  I can’t have Clover, because it’s Passover, and everything yummy that I love to eat from there comes on a big slab of chametz fluffy delicious pita.  Ooh…except the French fries!  But wait, what’s that?  Oh, damn…the wedding diet just leaned over, shook its finger in  my face, and said, “No, piggy, you can’t have those either.”  Sads. 

I can, however, wistfully recount the delightful Clover sandwich I had last week. 

It was Clover’s classic Soy BLT, made with tempeh bacon.  It contains mayo but if you ask for a vegan version, they will leave off the mayo or substitute something way more fabulous like tahini, which is what I had on this baby:


I ate this in about 4 minutes flat.  It was that good, and as I’ve mentioned in the past, I don’t even like tempeh all that much.  And so, next Wednesday, when Passover has ended, I will likely break that record.  I’m placing a bet on myself to scarf 3 of them in 5 minutes.  Watch me.

**UPDATE 12:10 p.m.**:  I received the following information from Rolando Robledo via Twitter–@acooknthemaking If you ask for a boat we’ll make you a sandwich w/ no bread- Works better w/ Eastern sandwiches – Egg & Eggplant & Chickpea.

You see why I love the Clover truck?!

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