The Many Colours of Tony Cook

Thank you to everyone who has commented, here or on facebook, and emailed me personally, for all of your kind words and support.  At the hardest of times, though there is nothing any of us can really do, those kinds of small gestures mean so very much.

And thank you to my grandparents for facebook posting the pictures of my uncle that I referred to in yesterday’s post, so that I may share them here.  While the outfit is slightly different than the image in my head (the suspenders are polka dot rather than rainbow), I think the pictures really show what a fun and outgoing person my uncle was.  Love to all xx

LOVE this one…”Artist”–no kidding!

My uncle and me (at age 18) 🙂

One thought on “The Many Colours of Tony Cook

  1. God bless you my boy for having the balls to wear that outfit in public. I know I never could. As your final status on Facebook said: “A man at ease with his body and his wit. Both of which are over-inflated.”. That says it all. RIP brother.

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