Happy Birthday J!!

Today is my little brother’s 21st birthday!  I’ve had this recipe for Jagerbomb Cupcakes for months, planning all along to use it for this occasion.  It’s from omnomnom.com.  For those who don’t know, a Jagerbomb is a drink that consists of a shot of Jagermeister liquor (that has sort of a licorice/Dr. Pepper flavor) dropped into a glass of Red Bull energy drink and then chugged down.  My brother loves these, hence the perfection of finding a vegan Jagerbomb cupcake recipe.

However, this recipe was kind of a SFS situation.  Sorry For Sucking.  I am sick with a gross cold which sucks, and I think my brain isn’t working that well so that could be one explanation.  Another explanation is that Jagerbombs suck so the cupcakes suck by default.  The final possibility is that the recipe sucks.  But I’m fairly certain that it’s one of the first two.  And probably the first one.

However there is still a possibility that J will in fact like the cupcakes (since he hasn’t tried one yet) so there is still hope that I am not a sucky sister.

I post this so that anyone who looks at my blog will know that not all of my baking efforts are successful, or even attractive.  This blog keeps me honest!

Here are the little beasties

Green Eggs and Ham?

I invented the icing shown in the second picture in an attempt to improve the taste of the finished product.  Note that the authors of the recipe included a frosting as part of the recipe, but I didn’t use theirs, so shame on me.

Sigh. SFS.

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