Highly Anticipated

The minute I picked up Vive Le Vegan, I knew I wanted to make this recipe…

Chinatown-style Veggie Spring Rolls and Ginger Dipping Sauce from Vive Le Vegan by Dreena Burton


Another Father’s Day project 🙂 Making these was a labor-intensive process, especially the wetting and rolling of the wrappers.  I used Chinese vermicelli noodles made from green mung bean rather than the rice vermicelli noodles that the recipe calls for.  Also, my dad pan-fried the rolls for a few minutes each after baking, because they weren’t crispy enough for our taste.  They tasted subtly yummy when we first tried them, but I had this feeling that they were missing something, some sort of saltiness…maybe soy sauce?  Enter the Ginger Dipping Sauce (which contains soy sauce, naturally).  It complemented them perfectly (as I’m sure Dreena knew it would, since she recommends it in the spring roll recipe as an accompaniment!).  I think out of my family members I enjoyed these the most.  My mom and dad were not fans of the texture, because despite our frying attempts they were still apt to tear and fall apart, and I think both would have preferred them crispier.  My dad and I think that if we make them again, we might try a) another type of wrapper, and/or b) pan-frying the rolls a little before baking.

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