Here We Go!

Yay!! It’s my first blog post!!  I have been thinking about starting this up for several days/weeks now.  My reasons for wanting to do so include (but may not be limited to!) the following:

1) I love food!!!

2) For almost a year now I have become increasingly interested in healthy eating and living, and to that end I’ve become really interested in cooking.  Since becoming vegan in December 2007, a whole new world of food and cooking has been opened up to me!  Lately all I’ve wanted to do is cook and bake and try new recipes and techniques.  So what better way to record my journey than on a blog?

3) Inspired by Cristin, Kath, Jenna, Romina, Lindsay, etc. etc.?  Yes definitely!  I absolutely love the online food blogging community.  I don’t really expect to become a part of it the way the aforementioned ladies have, but I do think it is important to note that their blogging has positively influenced me in my own food journey, and has made me realize that having a photo blog of my own would really add to my experience!

4) I have built up a collection of some awesome vegan cookbooks and I want a way to document which recipes I have tried, what kind of modifications I’ve made, and what I’ve thought about the end result.  This is the main purpose of this blog. 

So there you have it! As soon as I can get home and get into my food pic folder on my laptop, I will upload the photos of recipes I have already tried, and from here on out I can update regularly!  🙂

3 thoughts on “Here We Go!

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